Air Supply
Where does it go that endless pathway up into the hills
To disappear and never more betray its course to mortal man
And yet he will still long to follow counting not the cost
The light has lit the hungry fire inside his heart that now is lost

Not wine nor water pass those lips that pray to Gods long gone
Not bread the staff of all that lives shall nourish till the stars be met
The spectre of the Holy Ghost still trembling in its cave
Chained to the walls in bonds of steel by those same souls still yet to save

Onward into the darkest place where light and lore grow dim
Never to stop no turning back the road behind no more exists
Look up high a shooting star, a hope among debris
Or is it just a wishful thought, the last before the past is free

And here you are alone at last with heaven and despair
No fiery pit or demons teeth or burning flesh on sharpened sticks
We come alone as well we must to face the truth at last
In peace and calm and love so deep never thought I it was so vast.



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