Air Supply
Bobbie McAteer
Ocala,Florida USA
The Plaza show in Orlando was awesome. Did miss being able to talk to you guys after the show. Will you be at Epcot this year? You guys are so amazing
Hi Bobbie, Yes we are coming back in October I believe. The security at Epcot is very tight, as are all Disney properties, see you then, cheers G
SarahAnne Vancleeve
So enjoyed your show on Valentine's Day in Tacoma, WA. I have a question for both you and Russell - how did you come up with the name Air Supply?
Hi SarahAnne, I dreamt of the name and saw it on a billboard, it certainly was right for us! Best G
I'm excited expecting your book of poems, because I love your poems very much! You're a great writer! I also like your compositions and Air supply.
Hi Maria, Thank you, the book of poems is coming very soon, I think you will like it, Im very happy with it. Best G
Janice Durbec
Hazlet NJ
Hi Graham , Just wondering what is going on with the play as you have not mentioned it for a long time. Is it still a go ?
Hi Janice, Yes the musical is doing very well. It takes a long time to put everything together but it is still on track. I will be announcing more news in a few days, thanks G
Charlene Walkington
Ayr, Ontario, Canada
It was so nice seeing you at Rama. Just wondering how does one manage a meet & greet for photos (as casinos don't allow in line)? Cheers
Hi Charlene, I really don't know the protocol at Rama. We have to abide by Casino policy with photos etc. I would ask at the box office, we are certainly ok with that, best G
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