Air Supply
A window to the world
This poem was written today and is my experience of Dubai. I will recite it tonight during our show here. I hope you enjoy it.

A window to the world

I lay asleep this morning when the sunlight came to warm my bed
It rose behind a tower of glass the same sun from our distant past
Without a word we sat as one, I listened to the mornings song
And held it close as it could be knowing that soon it must be free

The shadows built upon the sand reach high into the sky
They long to knock on heavens door each day they climb a little more
A journey that can never end for when so close it begins again
As certainty casts doubt upon what once we felt so sure

For here do people live each day and work and live and breathe and pray
And make room for another's thoughts and show respect for what we're taught
With pride they watch their children play for this world will be theirs one day
Yes their dreams too will come to pass as our ship leaves the port

An ancient future spreads its wings to carry on its flight
Into the sun from East to West not knowing where it next shall rest
A city grows as people watch it's majesty unfurled
A city shows how it is done, this window to the world.

A new look website coming!
Hi everyone, Coming in March will be the new look for the website with a special new page that is for our younger generation of new fans. We are seeing a lot more children at the shows and we feel they should have their own place to share their experiences.
This happens when you've been around for a long time lol!
Also another page will be purely for news of the musical, and it's journey so far.
Many people have also asked when the book of poems will be available too, it is now at the editing stage and is nearing completion. It will be a hard cover book but the option of a digital download will also be available, and a version that is the spoken word.
The book is to be called...Nearly Beloved.
Much love to all, G.



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