Air Supply
As the end of the year nears
Hi everyone, First I hope this year has been a prosperous one for you, in health, love and happiness. We are now on our last 3 shows of the year in the U.S. for 2013.
As you may already know we are also in the middle of a new album which will be our 40th year album and shall be released in May 2014 to coincide with our 39th year.
We will also release the new live in Hong Kong Blu Ray DVD after Christmas. As you may also already know we are being inducted into the Aria Australia Hall of Fame in Sydney on December 1st, which will coincide with our tour in the region.
Also being released is our first real dance track.It is Desert Sea Sky which we have been performing live now for about a month and it is quickly becoming an audience favourite!
The dance musical Dance with me will be performed from November 20th to the 23rd at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor also, it will be only 5 shows with a matinee on Saturday.
We are confident the show will continue into other cities next year.
The musical All out of Love is scheduled to go into workshop rehearsals in December also, so we have a lot going on at the moment, it's been a very exciting year so far!
As you may or may not know I have just recorded an album with Katie McGhie from Los Angeles. We are called Of Eden and it is just the two of us exploring an acoustic path with beautiful harmonies and mostly just acoustic guitar. The album is called Feel and will be available this Monday on the Of Eden website, Air Supply Store and ITunes etc. If you check it out I know you will like it.
Please don't think this will mean fewer A.S. shows! It is a natural extension of music and song. Of Eden does hope to play some acoustic shows soon when the schedule permits! They will be very low key of course! Meanwhile Of Eden is also creating the music for a new children's musical production of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson which is scheduled for 2014.
That's all the latest news I think, thank you for being there this year, without you all life would not be as beautiful as it is, with love Graham
The rain in Spain is mostly in Paraguay
Hello everyone, greetings from Paraguay, the centre of South America. It's so green here, Im sure because of all the rain. Funny you mentioned that as it hasn't stopped since we arrived yesterday, or was it two days ago, it's hard to remember.
Everyone here has been so kind to us, we are away from everything where we are staying, which is okay as it's too wet to go anywhere. We are in a guest house overlooking the Rio de Paraguay, if it gets any more swollen we will be going to soundcheck in canoes! Even the Mosquitos here have genetically evolved umbrellas.
Good old evolution!
It's actually been very inspiring watching the rain, I have written two songs while staying here so far! I also managed to sleep for 4 hours last night too, so I am not morphing into a Vampire as I suspected a few days ago after the flight from Indonesia.
My dreams have been extremely colorful however, which is a side effect of not getting a lot of rest. I woke up suddenly at 4am today after being chased incessantly by a large dish of mashed potatoes. I've no doubt it will be waiting for me when I finally drift off again during the next few days. I did look under Web MD online but couldn't find anything under over aggressive vegetables, I may have discovered a new American health disorder? If I win the Pullitzer Prize for medicine I will donate it to charity, just FYI. If anyone else has the same symptoms please contact your local Senator and tell them they have to do something, anything, to justify their outrageous long lunches and endless benefits.
With that it's time to get ready for the show, I know I will scream as I get into the cold shower, it will make me feel alive! Tally Ho as they say! The show tonight will be spectacular as it always is. Much love from room 35, Graham.



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