Air Supply
Micki Grosenick
Thornton, CO, USA
Thanks for the wonderful show in Parker! Hope you don't feel too poorly if you did get "rat-faced" last night :) Happy birthday early!
Thanks Micki, I had a great birthday !
Phil O'Hehir
Seaford Melbourne Australia
Hi Russell,I was saddened to hear the passing of Mandawuy Yunupingu,he was a very talented musician and great Australian.I know you worked with him
Thanks Phil ... He certainly was a talent ! I didn't get to meet him personally for the "I Am Australian" sessions ... Sadly
romano sega
Hope to See U in Aug. 2013 Concert in Arneta. & have time to sign for your autograph to my cd collections... :)
Thanks Romano, we are looking forward to coming back the The Philippines !
Dotti Hayes
Just keep up the beautiful notes & spreading happy thoughts around the world! Love & Friendship!
Thank you Dotti, we'll give it our best !
Tyna Reyes
Hi Russell I hope you can make a tour here in Mexico again! I will never tired of seen you live!
Hi Tyna ... We are currently in Mexico ... Check the dates on our site !
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