Air Supply
Marifer perez
Hi! Have 12 years old, i'm live in Mexico (torreón, coahuila), and i would like top come Torreon as i am a fan and please come to Torreón please!
We 'll do our best Marifer, thank you for writing !
Sylvia Gastelum
Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico
In 1982 I got married and your songs were a big part of our lives. I divorced after 25 years but tonight was full of good memories.
Thank you for your sweet note Sylvia, I'm glad we're still a part of your life after so many years ...take care
Gail Samoluk-Strange
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Thanks for all the great music! My favorite song is Miracles. I'm a busy teacher who loves to listen to A.S. to unwind and de-stress! Come back soon!
Thank you Gail, nice to hear our music is amongst your favorites ! ... I always enjoyed performing "Miracles" live, it's a beautiful song ... Take care
Leesa Cartwright
have been a fan for years and years. We lived in Hong Kong, Australia and UK. I am a ventriloquist and teacher. One of my puppets is named Russell
Hi Leesa, hope you got my Facebook note ... Thanks for writing and say Hi to "Russell" for me :)
George Kenney
Waynesville, NC
24 years ago I proposed to my wife at an Air Supply concert at the Van Weisel hall in Sarasota Florida. It was the perfect evening and the concert
WOW George !!!! ... Thank you for your note ... Very touched ...
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